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Welcome to FLUORESAVE website!

The Australian licensor lists the following advantages of Fluoresave unit:

  • Fluoresave unit may be easily installed near or in the main switching board without any modifications of the building, existing lighting installations or single points of light; there are no costs resulting from such changes when they are made for alternative solutions.
  • The Return On Investment pays off in a short period of time because although the unit maintains electrical parameters but it decreases by at least 25% the costs of electric power used for lighting – while the cost of purchase is comparatively low.
  • When light is on for three shifts the investment pays off in 9 months.
  • „Fluoresave” includes parts that do not wear out, do not break and does not need servicing. It does not have thiristors, does not cause harmonics, does not affect work of computers or other electronic equipment. In case of sudden power disturbances it switches off automatically to mains voltage. It is perfectly safe.
  • In comparison to breaking down electronic ballasts installed in fixtures hanging on the ceiling (which is so difficult to check) the Fluoresave unit does not need any complicated or costly checking: the green light confirming correct work of the unit is at the level of man’s eyesight.
  • Fluoresave does not need exchange of parts therefore when it is paid off it works at no cost: the first units are working already for 10 years.
  • In cases when the circuits are not compensated sufficiently the unit acts as external compensating system; cos. Ø 0,85 may move to 0.95 and corrects passive power.
  • The unit stabilizes the work of the tubes, decreases their working temperature and extends their life time by about 25%; this decreases at the same time the cost of exchanging the lamps by new ones, the cost of utilization of the fused lamps and decreases the cost of air conditioning of the interiors.
  • It results from analysis of the statistical data of manufacturing companies in West Europe that 40% of the electric power is consumed for lighting production facilities and the office; this means that applying Fluoresave, depending on the number of hours of work may decrease the total costs of electric power by 10 to 12% and in special cases, for instance in 24 hour car parks or work on 3 shifts the savings may exceed 30% substantially shortening pay off period to 9 months.

Taking all this into consideration the problem of decreasing consumption of electrical power should entrusted to modern solutions and intelligent micropocessed unit “Fluoresave”. The specialists of our company on basis of our experience and reference will explain what to do.

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