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  • What service or maintenance do the Fluoresave unit require?
    None: no maintenance and no service. After fitting you may forget about it as it has no parts to change. Damage may occur only by interference from outside and is signalled by a red control lamp.
  • How many fluorescent lamps may be controlled by a Fluoresave unit?
    Depending upon the wattage of the lamps, the total value of installed currents in one or several circuits cannot exceed the capacity of the chosen model: 12, 20 or 32 Ampers, for instance:
    - model D 12A controls up to 40 lamps 36W or 28 lamps 58W,
    - model D 20A controls up to 68 lamps 36W or 46 lamps 58W,
    - model D 32A controls up to 108 lamps 36W or 72 lamps 58W.
    This high number of lamps proves high efficiency of the unit.
  • What happens if an additional circuit or even a single lamp is additionally switched on during Energy Saving Mode with lower voltage?
    Fluoresave continuously monitors the working circuits therefore if additional lights are switched on, the unit immediately recognises the requirement for higher load demand (of at least 1.5 Amper) and switches on full power for ignition. After approximately eight minutes during which the switched on cathodes in the tubes warm up, the Energy Saving Mode is switched back again.
  • May Fluoresave be used in 3 phase circuits?
    Of course. Fluoresave is a one phase instrument therefore one unit should be simply connected with each phase.
  • What to do if the total value of the lamps in the circuit exceeds the value of 32A?
    Simply divide the circuit to values which shall not exceed the values of available 12, 20 and 32 Amper units, because if the values are exceeded the unit will automatically extinguish itself.
  • Does Fluoresave affect the work of time programmers, clocks or monitors of movement connected to the circuit?
    No. Fluoresave does not cause harmonics and does not affect normal work of any electronic equipment.
  • Does Fluoresave decrease the power consumption in traditional bulbs?
    No, and their larger number in the circuit connected with Fluoresave unit decreases the possible total savings on power.
    The same occurs with tubes with electronic ballast: they are compatible but do not bring such considerable savings as the tubes with magnetic ballast.
  • What may happen if the unit fails to work?
    Nothing. Fluoresave has a built in „failsafe” system which disconnects the unit from the circuit. If the unit fails to work due to external reasons like physical strike or sudden high changes of voltage the Fluoresave unit automatically switches out bypassing itself, letting the mains voltage and the red LED signalls a failure.
  • How to check whether the unit is working correctly?
    Fluoresave has three control lamps. Green LED shows the Energy Saving Mode. Other details are explained in Instruction Manual.
  • For how long has Fluoresave been produced and in which countries was it used?
    The first units were manufactured in Australia in 1996 and are there in operation until now. Later they spread through South-East Asia and South Africa. The sales in Western Europe started after increasing production facilities and completing the VDE certification formalities. At present the unit is sold in 33 countries.
    Successive intensification of production enabled at the end of 2006 to start promotion in Middle and East Europe although the number of available units may be for some time limited because the demand exceeds the supply.
    In addition some governments accounced programs of exchanging traditional bulbs by fluorescent lamps: the European Union is at present elaborating a program following Australia, California, etc.
  • How long will a Fluoresave unit last?
    With no moving parts the units have already been in service for 10 years and nobody may say how much longer they may last!
  • Does Fluoresave have any form of Warranty?
    The Warranty is in line with the Customer Protection Act and theoretically entitles the Buyer to hold a Warranty for 24 months during which time the investment pays back while the unit works for much longer periods.
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