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Fluoresave is a microprocessor-controlled energy saving unit in gas discharge lamps such as fluorescent lamps with magnetic ballast, or inductive start and other lamps working on the same principle: sodium lamps (high and low pressure), metal halide (also quartz), high pressure mercury vapour and tungstene.

The fitting is easy and simple.

Attention: In the high frequency fittings and those with electronic ballasts the energy savings will not occur.


The Fluoresave design is based on the operation of fluorescent and some other types of gas discharge lights. When the fluorescent lights are turned on, the Fluoresave unit supplies mains voltage to the fluorescent lights for ignition. After about 8 minutes to ensure the stable operation of the fluorescent lights, Fluoresave switches to a lower energy saving voltage.

The Fluoresave continuously monitors the variation in the output of the current and the input mains voltage. Based on this information, the microprocessor switches the output voltage between the mains (input) voltage and the lower energy saving voltage.

For example, when additional fluorescent lights within the network are switched on, the fluoresave will switch back to main voltage for ignition and waits for the current to stabilize before returning to the energy saving mode. Should mains supply voltage fall below 198V Fluoresave, whether in Start or Energy Saving Mode, will switch back to mains voltage to ensure the normal operation of the lights. Furthermore, if a fault occurs in the energy circuit of the Fluoresave, the microprocessor will ensure that the mains voltage is supplied to the fluorescent lighting network.

Fluoresave is fitted with status indicator lights to show when the unit is in energy saving mode or to signal any fault condition.


Model D12 A D20 A D32 A
Maximum rating 12A 20A 32A
Maximum load 2880 VA 4800 VA 7680 VA
Maximum current 12A 20A 32A
Unit weight 5,5 kg 8,5 kg 9,5 kg
Height 315 mm 345 mm 345 mm
Width 180 mm 185 mm 215 mm
Depth 97 mm 110 mm 110 mm

Warranty: 2 years


Environment: range of temperature: from +5 to +45 deg.C
Relative humidity: < 75%
Input voltage: 230-240 V AC alternate current, 50-60 Hz, single phase with earth.
Energy saving mode shall not operate below 198 V AC; In the case when the current exceeds that maximum current the unit switches over to mains.


Installing the Fluoresave unit is very simple and easy but it should be done only by a qualified electrician.

The details are in Instruction Manual.

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