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The first Fluoresave units controlled by microprocessors which were installed 9 years ago in Australia and New Zeland are still in operation and work without break downs and they do not need any service.

While consecutive production lines were put on stream in China the sales of these units started in Singapore, Indonesia, South African Republic, Vietnam; at present already in 33 countries of the world.

In year 2002 „Fluoresave” Ltd. in Great Britain started to distribute those units in Western Europe, starting from Benelux. This was possible owing to enlarging production facilities in a modern electronic factory started up in China by an Australian-Chinese joint venture: Australian licensor Vantone and Beijing Capital Group, one of the largest financial and manufacturing groups in China.

Polish–Australian Company „Fluoresave” Sp. z o.o. was registered in the year 2006. Besides Poland, the company distributes the Fluoresave unit to the countries of Middle-East Europe: Belorussia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuenia, Latvia, Russia and Slovakia.
Upon consent of the Licensor the delivery may be also granted to other countries.

Experienced distribution and installing companies with record are invited to collaboration.

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