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The offer consists of 3 models of Fluoresave units:

  • model D12 (12 Ampers)
  • model D20 (20 Ampers)
  • model D32 (32 Ampers)

The method and location of installation are chosen with the customer.

The price depends on the quantity of the order.

One of the options is installing the units for a one month test period after which the units have to be purchased if the savings on power consumption reach circa 20% of the bill from previous month; in such a case an additional fee is added for traveling costs of the electricians installing the units.
If the test fails, the units are returned to the owner.

Time of delivery – 7 days from payment.
In case of orders exceeding 50 units the time of delivery may be extended.


“ Fluoresave “ Sp. z o.o. is searching for companies interested to promote, distribute, sell and install the Fluoresave products as the authorized regional dealer.


01-919 Warszawa
ul Wólczynska 133 paw.6/213
fax: +48-22-663-52-86

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